Pilates- Not just for females!

Here at Platform 7 Physiotherapy we are firm believers that Pilates is beneficial and challenging for both male and females of all ages and fitness levels. Whilst Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who is indeed a male, it is most popular with women, particularly dancers.

As Pilates has become more accessible and ingrained in pop culture, men are coming around to the idea that they too can love it! Pilates can be a challenging as the instructor wants to make it. Higher resistance, weights, single leg activities and ballistic motions can easily be added to transform it from the basic knee flexion/extension motion on a reformer that we have all witnessed on infomercials to a full body, sweat-worthy workout. Alternatively it is a great stretching recovery session option for sporting teams and individuals.  It is now utilised in many professional sports teams around the world including Richmond Tigers and the Chicago Cubs. More personally the Coburg Lions boys have enjoyed trialling it whilst we have been organising opening.

Whether it is a ladies catch-up, a ‘dudelates’ session or a couples work-out, Pilates can be a fun and worthwhile fitness activity that doesn’t involve kettlebells and box jumps.

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